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In September of 2014, a man was able to jump a fence and make it into the most heavily guarded and secured residence in the world, The White House.  This wasn’t because he used stealthy skills that are often attributed to Ninjas or because he was able to subdue the Secret Service agents that were guarding the perimeter and lawn.  He wasn’t “in the blind spot” of the cameras (at the White House there are none). He didn’t outrun the K-9 personnel.  He simply took advantage of an opportunity when a few key Secret Service officers were not doing their job. Peace of mind not only comes from having the newest and most state of the art Home Security System.  All of the door sensors, window sensors, motion detectors and two-way voice access panels are useless on their own.  What good is a HD CCTV system if you don’t have the people behind the technology to support it?!  Prevention Home Security is local and responsive.  They have friendly, well trained staff ready to support your needs.  In an emergency they will carry out your pre-planned instruction immediately to ensure that help is on the way.  From the first time that you call Prevention Homes in Fresno for a home security, home automation or CCTV quote, Nick and his team are polite and professional.

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