“Safe” is a matter of degree

Written by Michael Wirtz on . Posted in Automatic Door Locks, Blog, Burglar Alarms, Cameras, CCTV, Garage Door Control, Home Automation, Home Security Systems, Smart Thermostat

I used to feel good about telling my friends and family that I live in “one of the safest neighborhoods in town.”  Then I took a look at the rest of the state and even my “safe” neighborhood had a higher crime rate than the rest of the state and subsequently it was above the national average.  Installing a home security system, complete with window sensors, glass break sensors and remote notification gave me the added reassurance that my family was protected.  Even the safest neighborhoods had SOME crime.  Unfortunately, no one is immune.  But there is no reason to be all doom and gloom about it; and certainly no reason to live in constant fear.

Today, the “futuristic” features of home automation are available and affordable.  Making sure that my alarm is set while I am sitting at my desk at work or even locking or unlocking doors while I am on vacation are available right now.  Do the research yourself and see how safe you really are.

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