Save Money This Summer with Home Automation

Written by Michael Wirtz on . Posted in Automatic Door Locks, Blog, Garage Door Control, Home Automation, Smart Thermostat

How often have we settled in at work and then been instantly plagued with the thought, “Did I leave the lights on at home?” or “Did I turn up the thermostat before I left?”  Simple energy saving ideas like these can save a family hundreds of dollars over the course of a year.  Timers and programmable thermostats are the technology of yesterday.  You have to remember to reprogram them in the Spring for the longer days and warmer temperatures so that your Air Conditioner isn’t running all Summer long, then again in the Fall so that your heater isn’t baking your furniture while you are at work.  With Home Automation, you can verify that you turned everything off.  You can set your thermostat with your handheld electronic device or laptop.  When the heat wave suddenly arrives you can make sure that your AC doesn’t turn on prematurely, then turn it on before you leave work so that your home is comfortable when you get home.  And since it has been such a long and tiring day already, why not start the bath while you are at at.  When you get home, it will be ready and waiting for you.  The future is now and all of these features are available.

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